I bought a sofa but it wouldn't fit up the stairs to my apartment… so I had to get creative to get it in | The Sun

HE splashed out on a new sofa, but hadn't anticipated it being too big to get up the stairs to his apartment.

So former Love Island star Jordan Hames was forced to get creative in order to get the sofa inside.

"We bought a sofa a couple of weeks ago," he said in a video on TikTok.

"Long story short, the sofa does not fit up the stairs.

"So we gotta try and find another way."

Leaning over the balcony, he added: "The only way is to carry it up from the bottom to the top.

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"Let’s see if it works."

Jordan then showed himself attaching string to either side of the sofa, as he laughed: "This could be my best idea yet."

His neighbour, who was doing weights on his balcony, then asked what was going on, to which Jordan replied: "We’re trying to get the sofa up, innit."

"Attempt 1 – huge fail, heavy af, wow," he then wrote over the video.

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Following the failed attempt, his balcony neighbour and the neighbour from next door came to help.

"Love to see it!" he added.

While the hoisting went well at first, it nearly came to a crashing end when the sofa narrowly missed the glass balcony of the apartment below.

"Lowkey almost smashed this glass, wow lol," Jordan wrote.

"Had no idea what was going on at this point."

Against all odds, their plan worked, with Jordan gleefully throwing his hands in the air as he celebrated their success.

The video concluded with Jordan and his flatmates chilling out on the sofa, as he said they'd been "chilling on dog beds for weeks". 

"Impressive that," one person commented on the video.

"I NEVER thought this would work omg!!!!! So impressed," another added.

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"Omg I was holding my breath the entire time," someone else laughed.

"What an effort!!!" another wrote.

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