I bought the viral Zara jacket but was so disappointed – there's one major flaw with it | The Sun

IT'S the Zara jacket that went viral on social media as being the perfect choice for staying stylish in the cold.

But one woman who splashed out on the £99 fur-lined jacket has taken to TikTok to urge others not to follow in her footsteps, as there's one major flaw with it.

"Don’t make the same mistake," fashion blogger Edona wrote over her TikTok video.

"Don’t buy this jacket."

At first glance, the jacket looked stunning over her black top and leather-look trousers.

But Edona then opened the jacket to show just how much of the lining had shed onto her black top.

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"£99 for this #zarajacket," she captioned her video.

"I just bought it," one person commented on the video.

"I'm obsessed w it tho so any recommendations on how to get rid of this?"

"Went into zara yday to try it on and i WISH I NEVER DID," another added.

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"Exactly!! I don’t understand why no one is talking about it," a third wrote.

"literally why i returned it – i was so disappointed," another added.

"Have a similar jacket from Zara & have the same problem," someone else wrote.

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"i have an older version of the same zara jacket (a few seasons ago) and it still leaves fur all over my clothes," another raged.

Others offered their own suggestions for getting rid of the shedding, with washing the jacket, using hairspray and lint rollers among the options.

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