I caught my daughter, 19, having sex with her boyfriend – my wife’s so livid she threatened to take away her door

A DAD disagreed with his wife when she took harshly punished their 19-year-old daughter for having sex in their living room.

The 47-year-old dad had caught the young couple and told his wife, 44, because he felt she needed to know.

Taking to Reddit, a dad asked fellow users if they believed he would be a terrible person if he stopped his wife from severely punishing their daughter.

He said of the situation: "I caught our daughter having sex with her boyfriend a few days ago, and she begged me not to tell our wife, but I felt that she deserved to know."

The daughter and boyfriend had gotten intimate in the living room while both parents were out.

The dad was coming back from running errands when he walked in on them.

He continued: "We pay for our daughter's college because I worked 70 hours a week for many years to have enough money for her to go to college.

"Anyways, I told my wife and she was livid. She yelled at our daughter for almost an hour, took her phone away from her, and banned her boyfriend from the house.

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"I told her she was being a bit too harsh, but she thinks that these punishments are not harsh enough.

"She said that if our daughter does anything else that she doesn’t allow, then she is going to take the door off of her room."

The dad approached his wife and told her she "was overreacting" and she proceeded to yell at him as well.

"I had given our daughter her phone back when my wife went to the grocery store, and she found out and is angry about that, too," he explained.

"She told my in-laws about this, and now they are blowing up my phone and telling me that I’m encouraging underage pregnancy and premarital sex"

He further added that he had spoken to his daughter and apologized for telling her mom and even offered to help her pay for an apartment if she wanted to move out.

He also claimed that he and his wife married young and waited until after their wedding to sleep together, but despite that, he didn't agree with how his wife was reacting.

Following his post, many people took to the comment to defend the dad and daughter in this situation.

One person wrote: "I find the wife's reaction unhinged and abusive.

"And parents preoccupation with policing their kids' sex lives – EUGH, no!

"Once they're legal it's up to them, it's not dirty or disrespectful or wrong, it's a normal human act and it's bloody private!"

A second one commented: "I'm super confused why they're punishing an adult for doing something adults do…

"Daughters probably gonna end up moving in with the boyfriend and never speak to them again."

And a third said: "Your wife needs to understand that your daughter is gonna have sex regardless, she’s just gonna find sneakier, less safe ways to do it."

So who was in the wrong? The dad for telling his wife or his wife for reacting this way?

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