I converted my shed into a tiny home – there's loads more room than you expect, we even have a separate bathroom | The Sun

A SAVVY DIY fan converted her shed into a tiny home.

She completely transformed it from a rustic old shed, to something plush and modern looking.

It includes a bathroom, as well as a kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Katelynn, who goes by the name of katieelouie on TikTok, shared her decorating journey with her 26.2k followers. 

Katelynn first started the video by filming the inside of the a shed.

The camera showed the living room painted green, along with air conditioning, a television and a sofa.


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The living then lead onto a plush tiled bathroom, painted all white. 

The living room also had a hallway, which took you through to the master bedroom and also had space for her clothes and washing machine. 

The video attracted over 561k views, with thousands of people commenting on her transformation.

One wrote: “I’d recommend all young people do this. 

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“Save money and invest. Then after 10 to 15 years you an buy that dream home.” 

Another added: “I’m gonna buy two of these and slam them side by side and knock the walls down. Awesome job!” 

A third said: “I love to see my people and what they’ve created! 

“Mines still a work in progress but we’re getting there.”

A fourth simply stated: “Your (SIC) making smart choices.” 

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