I fake tanned before bed but it was such a disaster – I look like my toddler when he’s had too much chocolate

A WOMAN who decided to fake tan her face before bed was left looking like a "toddler who's eaten too much chocolate" after it went disastrously wrong.

Courtney Rose posted on TikTok to explain the situation to her followers, as she showcased the results of the late-night tanning session.

"So I decided to put some tanner on my face last night before I went to sleep," she began, with the camera pointed away from her before turning it to show her face.

"This is such a disaster.

"Like, I look like my toddler when he eats too much chocolate!"

She then turned her face to the side to show a part where the tan hadn't taken, right by her mouth.

"And I guess I drool," she concluded, before putting her head in her hands.

"It’s giving peanut butter baby," one person commented on the video.

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While another added: "I’m not trying to be rude or anything but curious why did it turn blotchy? The product or?"

To which Courtney replied: "Girl idk (I don't know)! I used a brush and everything to blend.

"I usually use tanning water spray but ran out and attempted this. Never again."

One of her followers asked for an update after the tanning video so Courtney returned to TikTok with another clip as she explained the measures she'd taken to try and remove the tan.

"I scrubbed my face for about 20 minutes earlier – that didn’t do a whole lot except irritate my skin," she said.

"Somebody told me to sweat it off so I’m just now leaving the gym and let me tell you – sweat is like a magic eraser for self tanner.

"Who knew?"

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