I found a way to keep my house warm and stop any draughts – it only costs £12.99 and makes your home look great too | The Sun

WE'RE all trying to come up with ways to save money on our heating this winter while keeping our house warm.

And plenty of people have shared their tricks and tips, from using an electric blanket to how to properly layer up.

One person took to Facebook to thank those who shared how to keep a draught out of their home on the cheap.

They posted images of the hack on the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where she revealed thermal curtains made her house feel so much warmer.

She explained that the hack cost her just £12.99, she bought some thermal curtains for £7 from The Range and a tension rod from Lidl for £5.99.

The woman then placed the curtain up by her front door to stop the wind form coming in and was seriously impressed by how well it worked.


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She wrote: "It had made a massive difference when we had the high winds the other night. There wasn't any drafts coming through the door. We were a lot warmer with the curtain being up.

"I wish to thank you a person that had posted their thermal curtain that they got from the Range. I didn't get the same as them but I am happy with what I got.

"The curtain only cost me £7 from the Range (it's thermal) and the tension rod £5.99 from Lidl. Here's to a warmer winter."

The post was inundated with hundreds of comments, with many people adding they also use the hack.

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One wrote: "I think It’s a good idea, you can take it down for the summer I am going to do this."

Another person commented: "I've done this for years it makes so much difference."

A third penned: "I've always had a door curtain up at my front door, I live on a terraced street so its like a wind tunnel, you can certainly feel the difference when the curtains closed I'm now thinking of putting one up at the back door as you can really feel the draft blowing through."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I have a thermal curtain at my front door, they really do make a difference."

"Best thing we've ever done in our house," a fifth claimed.

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