I get up at 5.30am to make my man elaborate packed lunches before work – I’ve been called the ‘best girlfriend ever’

A WOMAN labelled the "best girlfriend ever" has revealed how she gets up at 5.30am every day to make her man elaborate packed lunches before going to work herself.

Legacy-Shay Ruhe, from New Zealand, posts her amazing creations on TikTok.

She makes everything from McDonald's inspired Egg McMuffins (with extra bacon and hash browns) to fancy sushi, bao buns and dumplings for her hungry partner.

The lucky lad, who works as a tradesman, normally gets two breakfast sandwiches, lunch and a big snack prepared for him, as well as drinks for the day.

Speaking on her page, the passionate girlfriend explained her hard work begins in the evening after work.

She said: "I go to work as well. I usually get up around 5.30am to 6am depending on how much I've prepped the night before."

"He works long hours, so snacks, snacks and more snacks to keep him going," she added.

"(Sometimes he) doesn't eat it all, and some days he does – depends how hungry he is."

Some of her previous creations include homemade crispy teriyaki chicken, sticky char siu pork, and chicken and avocado sushi.

She says of her pork recipe: "I cooked the pork slowly in the oven, adding the sauce every so often so the flavour goes all throughout the meat." Sounds yummy.

Thousands of people have watched Legacy's videos, describing her as a "keeper".

Commenting on the clips, people have gushed: "Boyfriend? You marriage material right there."

Others raved: "Where can I apply to be your daughter?" and "I wonder if any of his mates get excited to see what he's got for lunch every day."

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