I got my curves naturally but others are ‘calling surgeons’ for the same look, people say we ‘can’t all be blessed’ | The Sun

A YOUNG woman is thanking her blessings that her natural assets are all god given.

TikToker Msgoddessxoo (@msgoddessxo) is grateful she was born with curves.

Surgical enchancement is not something she has to consider.

She celebrates her shape in one of her latest TikToks.

Sitting on a porch step, she swings her long black hair around and captions her video: “Got my curves naturally.”

In case there was any doubt about her shape, she shimmies as she stands and adds another caption.

“While y’all calling the surgeons," it says.

This confident TikToker loves her natural curves.

She adds: “Waiting for the respect.”

There was a lot of love out there for Msgopddessxoo, with over 13,000 liking her post.

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Many of the comments agreed, her natural curves were beautiful.

“Sheeeeshhhh, sexy, all natural,” was a comment typical of many.

Another added: “Natural beauty.”

“I’m in love.”

This fan loved what he saw: “Good, I can’t stand all these girls with fake stuff.”

Similarly: “Gorgeous, love all natural women.”

Superlatives piled in: “You’re absolutey beautiful.”

Finally, in case there was any doubt: “Nothing beats natural curves.”

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