I got pregnant TWO weeks after giving birth so my babies will be nine months apart…I definitely should have waited

A TEEN mum has told how she has been pregnant for nearly two years straight after finding out she was expecting again just two weeks after giving birth.

Gracie, who is 19 and from the US, took to TikTok and explained: “Yes it’s most healthy to wait for your body to heal.

If I could go back in knowing what I know now I would have waited. No I don’t think it’s a flex."

But I got pregnant. I’m giving birth in six weeks. I made a video with 15 followers…literally just having fun and doing it for memories and it went viral.”

She continued: "I couldn’t care less what a soul thinks about me being a teen mom or my partner. He is a amazing father and we have always wanted 2 kids.”


However, Gracie's social media followers took to the comments section and had quite a lot to say on the matter.

"Isn’t this really dangerous?" asked one, while a second penned: "You say if you could go back you wouldn’t have but made a comment on another post saying you didn’t want to wait?? Make it make sense."

Gracie replied: "I didn’t want to wait clearly that’s why I did it but it I could go back knowing the risks that were involved I would have lmao – how are you confused?"

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She continued: "After this child we do not plan on having another baby until 5+ years I am getting a IUD. My baby is beyond taken care of and this one will be too.

We have our own home, own cars , own bank accounts. We are grown."

"Our family’s are 100% involved in our in our children life but they ABSOLUTELY do not raise our babies . He works a full time job and I’m a stay at home.”

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