I had lip and nose filler for ten years and took it way too far – people say it aged me massively | The Sun

MANY of us will know that lip fillers can be pretty hit or miss.

But with more and more people wanting an Instagram worthy pout, it seems that many people are going to extreme lengths to get the lips they desire. 

Not only this, but it seems as though the filler doesn’t stop there – with many people getting nose, cheek and even chin filler too.

One woman, 31-year-old Melissa, known on TikTok as @melissaxvcx, revealed that she got carried away with filler and ended up having lip and nose filler done for ten years. 

The beauty fan took to the video sharing platform to open up about her filler journey.

After ten years of having filler injected into her face, Melissa decided that enough was enough.

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She took the plunge and got her filler dissolved, in an attempt to switch to a more natural look.

She posted a video to the social media app, with the caption ‘Goodbye forever filler’.

She said: “My lip filler journey…

“Think I may have taken it too far.

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“Time to remove it after 10 years”.

The beauty fan revealed what her face looked like after ten years of filler – her lips were very large. 

She then shared a picture of her lips, fresh after having them dissolved.

After this, she then explained: “Time to get rid of my nose filler now, I don’t like it”.

Following her dissolving journey, she showed off her newly dissolved face, which she described as a “baby face”.

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Melissa confirmed that she did have a very small amount of filler injected into her face, to avoid any loose skin.

She stated: “0.5ml top up to remove loose skin.

“Finally happy with my natural face again”.

Melissa’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed 28.9k views.

TikTok users were blown away at Melissa’s filler journey and were very complimentary of her new, natural look. 

One person said: “Way better natural”. 

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Another added: “Without so much better filler, age me so MUCH”. 

A third commented: “Naturally beautiful. You didn’t need any treatments, you are gorgeous”. 

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