I had the fat in my double chin dissolved but wasn't prepared for just how swollen I'd be – I looked like Peter Griffin | The Sun

SHE was self-conscious about her "massive double chin".

So Meg decided to get injections to try and dissolve the fat in the area.

And while she'd been warned that she might experience some swelling, she hadn't been prepared for just how swollen she would get.

"So I got fat dissolving injections in my chin because I thought I had a massive double chin," she began her video on TikTok.

"They told me, obviously, that it was going to swell.

"But for some reason I didn't think it was going to be that serious.

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"And now this is what I'm working with."

She then revealed her swollen neck, before showing how much it had gone down from the day before.

"It's actually gone down a fair bit. This was me yesterday," she said.

Meg then concluded her video by comparing her swollen self to Family Guy character Peter Griffin.

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"So yeah, I hope I'm not stuck like this because I look like Peter Griffin!" she sighed.

But she wasn't reassured by comments on the video.

As one person wrote: "Girl I looked like Peter Griffin for 2 months!"

"I had this done it was swollen for 2 weeks now my chin still looks the same as before, pretty much paid for extra large double chin for 2 weeks," another added.

"You're f**king kidding me," Meg replied.

"Did it at least go fully back to normal?

"I’m scared mine is going to stay swollen!"

However, someone else wrote: "I’m 4 months into mine and the results finally hit a few weeks ago.

"I thought I paid for nothiiiing. It’s worth it!"

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