I hate wearing bras so I designed a top you could wear without one | The Sun

A BUSINESS owner says she created a top with built-in padding so you don’t have to wear a bra again.

Natalie Rogers Soto is a TikToker with more than 540,000 followers on the platform and also runs her own clothing business, Klassy Network.

On her account, Natalie is always showing off new products from her fashion line in the form of outfit hauls and “Get Ready With Me” videos.

One of her videos features a “brami” top that she created.

A brami is a piece of clothing that combines elements of a bra and a camisole.

“I’ve always hated wearing a bra with tops like this but now you don’t have to!” Natalie wrote in the caption of her TikTok.


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Natalie modeled a long-sleeved wrap brami available on her website that comes with built-in padding.

“A wrap top with built-in padding so you don't have to worry about what bra to wear,” read the description of the item on Natalie’s website.

The video received thousands of views with plenty of comments from viewers asking for their own brami.

“I’d lovveee a square neckline brami,” wrote one viewer.

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“YOU ATE,” wrote a second.

A third viewer wrote: “to a want but a NEED.”

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