I hate wearing bras so I haven’t bothered for nearly 10 years… I don’t care what you say, it’s made my boobs perkier too | The Sun

A WOMAN has confessed she hasn’t worn a bra for nearly 10 years after realising she hates how they feel. 

The blonde TikTok user, who goes by the username of @LeBlunt and boasts over 336.5k followers, explained her point of view in a stitch of a man asking: “Do y’all really hate wearing bras?” 

Appearing in a neon green jumper with her hair up in a bun, she put one hand in the air as she explained: “I sure as f**k do! I hate bras. I can’t explain my hatred for them!” 

The woman went on to share that she doesn’t own one and hasn’t worn a bra since “7th or 8th grade”. 

“And I’ve been out of school for 5 or 6 years. Like im 22!” 

In 8th grade in the US, students are roughly around the age of 13, meaning she hasn’t worn a bra for nearly 10 years. 


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“I hate bras, the closest thing to a bra that I own is this single bralette,” she continued as she held up a black one up in the air. 

@LeBlunt then explained that she’s only worn it twice since getting it.

Sharing what she’s experienced since ditching the item of clothing, she continued: “And ever since I stopped wearing one my tits have gotten naturally perkier…

“Because they are not relying on the bra to hold them up. My tits are nice okay”, 

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She ended the clip by chanting: “No bra, no bra, no bra”, and added in the caption: “FREE THE NIPS”.

People were quick to comment on the video, sharing their own thoughts on the concept of going braless. 

“They make me so irritable throughout the day because it feels unnatural,” [sic] one person wrote. 

Another person said they only wear bras when they go out for different occasions, such as work. 

“I only wear them when I go to work or im going out to like an event but with friends and family and other things I dont wear em,” [sic] they shared. 

A third shared how the woman in the video had inspired them, explaining: “I took mine off after this tiktok”. [sic] 

Others, meanwhile, explained that they simply can’t adopt the no bra lifestyle as their boobs are too big. 

“I would fully support this movement. BUT MY BOOBIES ARE TOO BIG,” one person said, as a second chimed: “I wishhhh but I get back pain and self conscious”. [sic] 

And a third added: “Ugh I wish But these 90E cups told me otherwise”. [sic] 

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