I have a jiggle belly and rolls to grab but when I put on a string bikini, I'm a strong 10 | The Sun

A BODY positive influencer has shared a video of how she “hypes herself” up to wear a string bikini for summer.

And it’s all to do with confidence, as, in the footage, a swimwear-clad Olivia Kirkby – who is very honest with her TikTok followers about embracing her curves and “belly” – tells herself she’s a strong 10. 

Olivia, who can be found at @olivia_kirkby, regularly posts videos about her body journey on her profile. 

In previous social media clips, she’s opened up about not caring what others think of her and her body, and jiggling her stomach and grabbing her belly rolls to prove her point. 

She recently said: “I remember so clearly being in the bath looking down at my lil belly rolls when I was struggling with my body image and being completely disgusted by what I saw.

“But now all I see is how cuddly and soft I am and that this is just what a healthy body looks like.”

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She added: “I wish I saw more bodies like mine when growing up.”

Now, Olivia, who also previously quipped that she’s like a “human marshmallow”, has recorded herself wearing a cute blue, two-piece bikini, with string strap sides.

She wrote alongside it: “Me hyping myself up to wear a string bikini.”

As she posed for the camera, a voiceover in the background can be heard saying: “10 but she… no that’s it actually, she’s a 10.”

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And her followers agreed with her mantra, as they flooded her comment section to compliment the blonde.

One wrote: “I was going to say 100 out of 10.”

A second said: “You are glowing girl, my inspiration!”

A third added: “The fact I’m always second guessing my body… then seeing how STUNNING you look and realising I look the exact same. Thank you!!”

This comes after Olivia let her 628.8k followers in on another of her secret tips to embracing their bodies, whatever their shape or size.

She explained: “This was something that genuinely changed my life. I know it sounds silly, but, trust me, try it.

“You’ve probably noticed it from my other videos [because I said] ‘cute little… whatever the insecurity.”

Olivia then put her words into action, as she gave examples and describing her “cute little belly,” “cute little wobbly arms”, and the “cute little dimple” on her bum. 

Olivia went on to say: “I think I’ve stopped saying it on my videos because one time I got told, ‘It’s not little.’

“And I was like, ‘That’s probably true,’ but I was like, ‘I don’t care!’ I’m not calling it little because it’s little, I’m calling it that because it’s cute.

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“And if you hate it right now, that’s fine – but you can say, ‘Oh, I’m really struggling to accept my cute little rolls.

“I don’t care if you look like a sack of potatoes – you’re a cute little sack of potatoes.”

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