I have big boobs & love the corset top trend – I wish designers would do better so my chest didn’t always jiggle jiggle | The Sun

CORSET tops have everyone's attention right now because of their flattering tight waist look and ability to dress it formally and casually.

Although it's trending right now, one woman was unsatisfied with her corset top because of how it fit on her body.

Bri Arias posted a video on TikTok reviewing a corset top she bought from Urban Outfitters.

The Out From Under Modern Love Corset top from Urban Outfitters cost $59 and comes in seven colors — green, blue, light blue, purple, red, black, and brown.

She captioned her video: "I would love if my bewbs didn’t jiggle jiggle in every top."

Bri loved the look of the top initially, but when she put it on, that changed quickly.

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"So I just have a question for every designer out there. You know like the trendy cute corset top? Love them…super excited about them because very much my vibe," Bri said.

The big problem is that the corset top doesn't fit her chest.

Bri said she had four boobs when she put the corset top on: "This looks appropriate like they're held in secured."

"But the reason being is because it's half of my boob. The rest of my boob is underneath it."

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Bri then showed how she looked with her full chest inside of the top, and it was almost spilling over.

"I cannot go out with these [boobs]. Like, look at what they do when I walk. Absolutely not."

Her chest jiggled when she took a few steps, and she was left questioning why the design of the top was like that.

Bri wished that designers would take into consideration of different body types, especially those with a bigger chest.

"When will designers start making these cute tops for girls that actually have boobs?

"Because we like to dress cute too. And we'd appreciate it if you could just make the cup a little bigger," Bri said.

One person commented: "The sh*t we go through, I can't wait till the day they make bigger cup sizes.

Another person said: "I just tried a dress shirt the sleeve are hanging off me but the boob area is tight."

Perhaps it's time for designers to reevaluate their designs and offer a product that is inclusive.

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