I have ‘itty bitty’ boobs – the viral Skims sculpting bodysuit makes me feel like a DD, now other women are influenced | The Sun

A SKIMS shopper has revealed how the brand elevated her cleavage to an instant DD cup.

The stylish influencer modeled a popular bodysuit from Kim Kardashian's company.

TikTok user Kass (@k_r0ddd) showed off her instant transformation to her followers.

In the clip, the fashion fan can be seen wearing the $62 sculpting bodysuit with snaps in the color Umber.

"Skims got this itty bitty committee gal feeling like she a DD," the content creator wrote in the caption of her video.

Kass used a viral audio clip to joke about her enhanced bust in the viral shapewear.

"Am I showing off my boobs or do I just have boobs and exist?" she mouthed along with the TikTok sound.

Modeling the look, the TikToker joked: "Point of view: You got the Skims sculpting bodysuit and feel like you’ve got enough yitties for this sound."

Kass shared that she was "feeling good" about how she looked in the Skims shapewear.

The Texas-based influencer was so confident about her seemingly bigger bust that she asked: "Am I showing off?"

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the look.

One impressed follower admitted that she was influenced by Kass' clip.

"I want one!" the viewer revealed.

Another TikTok user joked that Kass is "showing off" in the flattering bodysuit.

A third person shared their love for the color of the Skims item.

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