I installed a privacy fence to deal with bad neighbors – people are shocked by what they still did, there was a solution | The Sun

A WOMAN installed a privacy fence in her backyard to deal with her bad neighbors, but people are shocked at what they still did despite the new measure.

The woman shared her experience on TikTok.

Jackie (@jackie61583) has been dealing with her so-called "bad neighbors" for over a year and has documented her troubles on social media.

After installing a privacy fence to ward them off, she claims that they are still watching her family through it.

"What's the point of a privacy fence if they are going to watch us through it?" she wrote on the video.

Followers flooded the comment section, outraged for Jackie and her family.

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"I would start spraying my fence with the water hose," one follower joked.

"That shows intent. Look at your local laws," urged another.

"Wow, I'm so sorry. Just watched all your videos regarding this situation, I can't imagine,"another follower said.

Jackie claims she has been in a property dispute with her neighbors for over a year.

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She says that they have been driving into her yard and ruining her land, that her neighbors have littered debris into her yard, and that both parties have had to get lawyers involved.

A number of property owners have shared their experiences in having to build privacy fences to ward off unwanted neighbors.

One couple built a privacy fence in their backyard to drown out their 'nosy neighbors', but some criticized the move.

Kelsea (@alwaysa_kazyhome) started the video by asking: "Nosy neighbors? Let's build a privacy wall."

A number of people questioned whether Kelsea had made a fair judgment of her neighbors.

"You can see into their yard, how are they the nosy ones?" one follower wrote.

In a similar vein, another person said: "Nosy neighbors lol but you and them can equally have a porch that overlooks each other's backyard!"

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