I kept my sixth pregnancy secret from everyone – my mum went into shock when I introduced her new granddaughter

LOCKDOWN has kept many families apart throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with loved ones unable to see each other for months and months over the last year.

A lot can happen in a year, as one woman has proved with her story of how she kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone – only revealing she'd had a baby two weeks after her daughter's birth.

Mum-of-six Jade Larkins-Waugh explained that very few people knew she was pregnant again, as she even kept news she was expecting from her mum.

Posting online to Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, Jade revealed that hiding her pregnancy had been her "biggest secret" as she shared a photo of her baby girl.

Jade explained that her mum went into shock when she finally revealed the news that she'd had another baby and introduced her mum to her new granddaughter for the first time over video call.

She posted: "Im sat here now looking at my biggest secret and thinking I bet there are some juicy ones people have kept! Heres mine….my baby girl.

"Kept her to myself for 9 whole months!! She's 2 and a half weeks old now and very few people knew about her existence until she was born. My mum had a shocker when I video called her from the hospital room and my nan thought she was an April fools."

Wanting to know more hundreds of people commented on Jade's post, prompting her to explain why she chose to hide her baby news.

"So my previous pregnancy was a hard one. My 17 month old (Thea) had some growth problems with her head that were highlighted at my 20 week scan," Jade explained.

"I had to have a paediatric neuro specialist scan on her every 2 weeks until the end of my pregnancy…she was born perfect, but those 20 weeks waiting for her birth were HARD…I knew this time I wouldn't tell anyone until after 20 weeks, but then lockdown happened again, and I didn't see anyone."

Jade explained that her mum lives in a different country and because of the pandemic she hasn't been able to see her in person.

"My mum lives in another country, so I haven’t seen her for a while with Covid and flights being the way they are (although of course we do talk on the phone/video)," she said.

"We wanted to keep ourselves in a little bubble and to enjoy this pregnancy as I really didn't with my last. Her name is Penelope and she is my 6th (and last) baby."

Her sweet post prompted fellow mums to share their own stories – and Jade wasn't the only one who had hid her pregnancy from their family.

One mum wrote: "Congratulations she’s beautiful! My daughter is now 12 days old and I kept her birth a secret from everyone we ended up needing a planned section and I went in to hospital had her spent time with her just me and her dad then once home I just video called people important to us had a chat with them then went oh I have something to show you and turned the camera on to her, everyone was so shocked."

Another said: "I didn't know I was pregnant till I went into labor…..my boy weighed a healthy 8lbs 1 Oz I had absolutely nothing but my best friend bless her rallied around and got me loads of stuff….on the other hand I didn't tell my family for 3 days and they all thought I was joking with them…..nearly 8 years down the line my boy is doing great."

A third mum joked that she wouldn't have been able to keep her pregnancy a secret even if she tried, thanks to her huge baby bump.

"Couldn't keep mine secret even if I wanted to, no hiding this bump," she joked. "38 weeks and it's getting bigger by the hour I'm sure of it. Congratulations, she's gorgeous."

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