I live next to a Karen neighbour & we row about my fence – she lets her cats roam free on it & poo in my garden | The Sun

A MAN has exposed his neighbour in a controversial argument over who owns the garden fence. 

Claiming his neighbour is a ‘Karen’, the man said she lets her cat defecate in his garden.

The calm content creator shared an interaction with his neighbour in a TikTok video online. 

He said: “What started it all! I removed it just in case it got worse! And now its back!!”

The interaction started when the man's neighbour claimed he had painted her side of the fence. 

She said: “Okay, so I can see you put blue on this, right? The left side of the face is not your fence.”

The ownership of the fence seemed to be the major issue with both parties claiming they had proof the fence belonged to them. 

The man told his neighbour he did have poof but had another major issue to raise. 

He said: “It's on our deeds.”

The content creator claimed his neighbour's cat roams on his fence and poops in his garden.  

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He said: “That cats were an issue. Well, you know.”

The content creator later revealed his partner is allergic to cats so issue was serious.

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The video went viral racking up over 1.4 million views. 

Many viewers were suggesting creative ways for the content creator to get back at his neighbour. 

One user suggested: “Just put a secondary fence on your side as tall as possible.”

“I had same problem at my old house when I moved I took the fence with me,” claimed a second user. 

Another said: “I'd be happy if someone put a new fence up, they cost a fortune!!”

Others were applauding the gentlemen's patience in dealing with the controversy.

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One user said: “You have the patience of a saint.”

Another said: “Omg she is winding me up and I don't live next door to her.”

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