I look so young people think I'm in my 30s but I’m actually 52 & a gran-of-two

WE all hope as we grow old, that we manage to keep up our youthful looks and keep wrinkles at bay.

This glam-ma is doing it for the ladies, and proving that you can keep looking young and fresh no matter what age you are. 

Fatos Fatma, who goes by the name of @factsfatma on TikTok, has a massive following of 72.8k followers as people can’t believe just how old she is. 

In a video, she shared the ages people regularly guessed.

People will often first think she is in her thirties, until she denies it. 

They then move onto forties, and she denies it again. 


Fatos then reveals her age as 52, and people can’t believe her.

Many rushed to her comments section to give her praise on how young she looks. 

One wrote: “Impossible.”

Another said: “You are GORGEOUS” 

And a third wrote: “You look amazing and if you had said you were 35 I still would have thought you were younger.” 

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