I love small penises – don't worry Peter Andre, your so-called 'chipolata' won't make you less of a man or a lover

THE WAGATHA Christie trial into alleged story leaks took an unexpected twist this week when Peter Andre’s penis came into the fray. 

Standing in the dock inside London's High Court, Rebekah Vardy – accused of leaking stories about Coleen Rooney – was asked by Coleen's barrister David Sherborne if she respects people's privacy.

He then read from a 2001 newspaper article in which Rebekah described Peter as having "the smallest trouser equipment I’ve ever seen" and a "miniature chipolata".

She spoke of her regret at the comments and claimed she was forced by her ex-husband to slam Peter's penis.

It led to IT team leader Annie Betson, 30, from Peterborough, Cambs, to leap to the defence of smaller-than-average members. 

“It’s what you do with it… not the size,” she told Fabulous.


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LIKE much of the country I have avidly followed the “Wagatha Christie” court drama between Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen and Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah over alleged story leaks. 

And I was stunned when Peter Andre’s penis made a guest appearance.

Her comments were cruel especially now when we’re taught to accept people’s differences.

Peter denied it – saying it was ‘actually the size of a Sky remote’ – but even if he did have a smaller than usual member, he shouldn't consider that a put down.

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Blokes with smaller todgers should actually wear the title with pride because many women, including myself, love them. 

I have dated well-endowed and smaller than average men and I prefer the latter. 

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Men with smaller willies are often  better in bed, put more effort into the relationship and know how to please a partner.

I’m currently single and thinking about signing up to the Dinky One dating app, a site specifically for lads with little penises. 

Facing dating again is scary enough but the thought of having to go through the whole shebang with a man with a big ‘un is simply too much to bear.’

The size of a bloke’s willy isn’t normal dating conversation – it’s one of the last taboos. 

Size does matter as much as physical and emotional connections.

A healthy sex life definitely plays a key role in making or breaking a relationship.

If you aren’t compatible in bed it can put huge pressure on both of you.

Men get performance anxiety and women worry if they aren’t attractive enough or doing things the wrong way.

It’s not size but what you do in and out of the bedroom that truly counts.''

When I was younger I dated Harry*.

He was super-sized. 

I found it rather overwhelming and  frankly painful .

He was super-confident and arrogant because of his size and told me women loved it.

He expected me to be thrilled he had an extra-long manhood.

He didn’t put in much effort in the bedroom expecting me to do all the work.

We broke up after three weeks.

My next boyfriend Jack* had very small privates. 

He put in more effort and sex was great. 

He was kind and considerate and even apologised for his small willy .

I told Jack*  about  my experience with my previous love and explained size wasn't an issue and it isn't.

It boosted his confidence and mine.

I thought: ‘Score one for the little guys.’

Women who criticise a man because he may be less than well endowed are just being cruel and nasty.

It’s a form of bullying and it’s unfair.

It’s not size but what you do in and out of the bedroom that truly counts.

Smaller less than average willy’s look more appealing and those blokes try harder.

Just because a man has a ‘dinky one’ or a chipolata doesn’t mean he is less of a lover or a man.

We should stop labelling blokes with average or smaller penises inadequate and break that taboo.

If you love someone, size isn't the issue and you will make it work.

It's important to educate people. It's ok to discuss penis size and its impact on a relationship and men and women should be more open about the subject.

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Let’s face it there is no such thing as ‘normal’ when it comes to boobs, bums or bits.

All are great!

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