I only ever wear lingerie as a top – it’s so normal now, it’s my favorite thing about my generation | The Sun

A MIAMI bombshell said she loves the latest trend that sees women wearing underwear as outerwear.

She said she won’t be going back to regular tops anytime soon.

Emma (@emmababalish) said she loves how she looks in a corset top.

In a TikTok video, the brunette beauty posed seductively for the camera while wearing a black lace corset top.

Clearly, she was thrilled with how good she looked, writing: “Ok but shoutout to our generation for completely normalizing wearing literal lingerie as tops.”

Although she was wearing a piece normally meant for the bedroom, with her voluminous hair done up and a full face of makeup on, she looked ready to hit the clubs.

Her caption further proved her point: “Corset tops >>>. What a time to be alive. At this point, they’re literally all I wear out.”

In the comments, Emma revealed hers was from Victoria’s Secret and cost $69.

Viewers were just as into the look as she was.

“Omg the outfits look so chic. I love seeing them so much,” one person commented.

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“For real like it’s too pretty to hide!! Also, you’re gorgeous,” added another.

“I love our generation. Anything goes,” a third chimed in.

And a fourth pointed out the movie that may have started the craze: “Hellooooo??? Easy A??? Easy A made this moment.”

Although Emma’s style was met with praise, some fashion lovers who try a similar version of the trend don’t get so lucky.

Lifestyle blogger Heather (@hhheathermichelle) walked her viewers through the ways she makes a bra wearable sans-shirt, and she received mixed reviews.

Heather likes to pair a lacy red bra with a casual bottom, like jeans or sweatpants, to strike the right note of relaxed chic.

"I'm going to juxtapose the casual denim with something a little dressier," she explained.

Shrugging on a black oversized blazer, she said: “It just adds a touch of sophistication."

The classy jacket is what makes the look wearable, but Heather acknowledged there's a time and place for it.

“Obviously, you're not going to go into a board meeting with the CEO of your company in this outfit.”

Most viewers, however, thought the look was an overall fail.

They argued that the high-fashion examples Heather cited in her styling were "hideous."

Another viewer agreed, saying Heather's outfit "looks tacky."

"It just looks like you got dressed in the dark," a critic wrote.

One exasperated person added: "Just get a crop top."

Others questioned the look's wearability.

"You know you would never wear this out of the house," one woman challenged.

"I wear stuff like this to run errands, go out to dinner, etc all the time," Heather wrote back.

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A few supporters, however, appreciated the styling tips and said Heather looked great in the combo.

"Not EVERYONE will get your style, but keep posting this for us that DO get it," a fan pleaded.

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