I ordered a paddling pool from Shein thinking I'd got a brilliant bargain but what arrived was a total fail | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she ordered a 'pet swimming pool' online, but was stunned when it arrived.

The pet-mum explained that she bought the paddling pool from Shein, expecting it to be a suitable size for her large dog, but when she received it, she realised that it was far too small, so much so that her dog couldn’t even stand in it, let alone enjoy it.

Posting on TikTok under the username @magzmcdermid1, the Shein shopper shared a picture of the pool that she ordered, followed by an image of the pool that she received.

She said: “What I wanted vs what I got!”

The woman shared a screenshot of her Shein ‘pet swimming pool’, which cost her just £4.75.

In the advertised picture, a large dog was enjoying the pool. 

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However, seconds later, the social media user shared an image of the pool when it arrived, but much to her surprise, it was much smaller than she had imagined.

In the picture, her dog stood over the paddling pool, towering over it.

The woman’s clip has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 47,700 views.

It has 4,901 likes, 84 comments, 203 saves and 53 shares.

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Social media users were stunned at the woman’s purchase and many took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

Many revealed that for the price of the paddling pool, she should have known that it would have been tiny. 

One person said: “Suppose you could use it for a toy dog, but for £4.75 you don't get much better.”

Another added: “The price is a huge give away that you weren’t getting what you thought.” 

A third commented: “I saw this on Shein!! I expected this, I'll be honest.”

Meanwhile, someone else chimed in: “I mean you only paid £4.75 what do u expect.”

Another user joked: “Swimming pool for hamsters.”

Whilst another shopper explained: “[The] exact same thing happened to me!

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"It’s a pool for a mouse!” 

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