I paid £10 for a cute rabbit tattoo but it turned out so bad, people think it was done with a sharpie

A LOT of people save up for their tattoo for ages, but this woman managed to bag hers for next to nothing.

The £10 price tag should've been a red flag for the eager customer, but she went ahead anyway.

Jiselle, from Orange County, California, took advantage of the cheap tattoo offering and decide to get one along with two of her friends.

She picked a cute rabbit from a flash sheet that the artist had already designed, so she thought she knew exactly what it would look like.

But it turned out so much worse than she thought possible, and the cute rabbit looked like "it was on crack," according to Jiselle.

She posted a video of the ordeal on TikTok, explaining what happened, she confessed: "I didn't say anything to him because I was going to work right after getting the tattoo.

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"I didn't realise how bad it was until I got to work and was like…hell no."

The tattoo hopeful added that her friends hated their fresh ink as well and the artist seemed to have messed them all up.

After posting the original video people urged her to reach out to the tattoo studio to try and get the botched ink fixed.

Luckily, she revealed: "I spoke to the person in charge of the shop, he said he will fix our tattoos for free, we just have to wait for them to heal."

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Jiselle and her friends have to wait two weeks before they can get their tattoos fixed, which gives them plenty of time to decide on a cover up.

People couldn't believe that the artist managed to mess up all of the tattoos so badly.

One said: "I just don't understand how you saw the first on go and then the rest of you went!"

Another said: "This is why I don't get Friday 13th tattoos, some of these artists pull 12-14 hour shifts to pump out as many customers as they can with little to no breaks."

A third added: "You pay for what you get, cheap tattoos aren't good and good tattoos aren't cheap.

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While another quipped: "Literally looks like bad sharpie."

And: "What happened to the mouth and nose? They became one black blob!"

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