I put hair dye on my eyebrows, forgot about it & now it won’t budge – I’ve tried everything to remove it, I’m fuming

A GIRL was left mortified after forgetting she had put hair dye on her eyebrows and leaving it there to stain.

She revealed that she usually covers her brows with hair dye when she freshens up the colour of her locks, but this time she didn't remember to take it off and was left with huge blocks of dye that wouldn't budge.

TikTok user @izzyrosex.x shared the beauty mishap with her followers on social media and was left "fuming" after trying everything to get rid of the dye, but nothing would work.

Showing off just how bad her brow touch up turned out, she revealed: "I'm fuming. Gone and dyed my hair, dyed my eyebrows with the hair dye like I usually do, but this time… I forgot about it."

She proved that the dye was stuck there as she furiously rubbed her eyebrows with her hands and still the colour stayed in place.

"At least my hair looks cute," she joked.

Giving people a closer look at her botched brows, she vented: "Oh my god… give me a break."

Plenty of people were quick to come to her rescue and offered up the tips and tricks they swear by when dealing with stubborn dye.

"Micellar water," said one person, while another suggested: "Nail polish remover works for me but make sure it doesn't go in your eye."

A third wrote: "Shampoo on a towel with water go a little rougher than normal, but it always works for me."

Another reassured the girl that she wasn't the only one who has fallen victim to bad brows, as they shared: "Don't worry I do it every time."

One more offered: "Use milk, sounds strange but it works."

"Washing up liquid trust me, I leave it on and scrub it for 10 minutes and it all goes," said another person.

Desperate, the girl decided to give it a go and shared a follow-up video of her brows covered in washing up liquid.

"Washing up liquid is on, this better do something because I've got work in half an hour," she revealed.

Hoping something would get the dye to shift, she said: "I'm just going to go through and try everyone's suggestions and try and get something to work."

She warned: "Milk did not work."

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