I rid my backyard of weeds and poison ivy thanks to my sister's unusual gardening hack – but it's only for country girls | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl has shared her sister's hack for keeping the garden free of weeds and poison ivy.

She said while the gardening tip is effective, it's best suited for country girls.

The Instagram user, who goes by @goat.farm17, showed her sister hopping out of her vehicle.

The country girl was not alone however, bringing baby goats with her.

"POV: your sister brings her goats over to clear out your weeds and poison ivy," read text over the video.

The camera then showed the tiny goats going to town on the weeds.

They chomped on weeds and poison ivy, improving the look of the garden.

"Goats for hire, this was truly #iconic," she wrote in the caption.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"I love how they got to sit in the back seat and not the bed of the truck," one wrote.

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"Cutest little lawnmowers," another added.

"Such hard workers," a third commented.

"Wait, goats can eat poison ivy, that so cool," yet another said.

"If I knew someone who had goats I would totally do that," one more wrote.

The video came as part of a trend of country girls sharing their lifestyles on social media.

The movement shows women doing blue collar work and even just having a good time and dancing.

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