I thought it would be sweet to get my girlfriend's name tattooed on my chest… but she didn't react how I expected at all | The Sun

MOST of us have watched those romantic gestures in films like The Notebook or Notting Hill, and hoped our partners would do something similar. 

So Jamie thought his girlfriend Fiona would be thrilled with his sweet idea – to get her name tattooed across his chest. 

But her reaction wasn’t quite what he was expecting – and people are finding it hilarious. 

Jamie Comiskey, known online as @jamie_c00, regularly shares entertaining videos involving him and his girlfriend with his 83,000 followers. 

But in a recent TikTok reel, the content creator shared his partner’s negative reaction to his new ink. 

During the 15-second video, the pair are seen singing along to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams. 


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When they get to the line, ‘tattoo your name across my heart’, Jamie pulls down the neck of his t-shirt to reveal that he’s had his girlfriend’s name tattooed on the right-hand side of his chest. 

His partner stares at the new ink, before appearing to say, ‘what the f***?’

Despite the fact the new tattoo was covered in saran wrap, fans weren’t sure if the tattoo was real. 

Below the video, he added: “Wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.”

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Fans loved his girlfriend’s reaction, with the video gaining more than 123,000 likes and 1.5 million views.

But in the comments, Jamie’s followers shared how they would have reacted, with one writing: “I’d be so mad at her reaction.”

Another said: “If my partner did this, I would cry my heart out. Whether or not I wanted him to do it. I’d be so happy.”

Others speculated why his girlfriend had such a negative response, with one commenting: “She’s keeping something from him.”

Someone else put: “Her reaction is so harsh poor lad. I agree think she’s got someone else.”

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