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WHEN a young fashionista raided her grandmother's wardrobe, she expected to find some vintage pieces to style.

But instead, she discovered a wardrobe full of on-trend outfits, ready to roll.

The aspiring influencer, Alyssa Milleza, shared the homegrown haul on TikTok, where viewers couldn't help but praise the pieces she showed off.

Of course, Milleza was proud of her sartorial heritage. "My grandma was a fashion icon," she wrote in the video description.

Her first look was a pair of black trousers coupled with a red silk bustier.

The strapless top had a sexy strip of lace trim along the chest that tied the outfit together.

Milleza also paired the pants with a shell top, in plain black silk.

A criss-cross tie cinched Milleza's waist while adding visual interest to the back of the shirt.

She tried on a red, open-back tank top with both shoulder straps and a neck tie, then a sexy crochet shirt that left lots of skin exposed.

A cropped Puma jacket added a practical staple to the capsule wardrobe, in red and black tones that could go over most of the sleeveless shirts.

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Finally, a pink velvet tank and a distressed peasant top both added throwback prints to the mix – and a healthy dose of super-feminine energy.

Commenters were shocked at the successful haul from Milleza's grandmother, calling her an "icon."

"Wait. How old is grandma?" one asked in disbelief.

Milleza revealed the stylish gran was in her sixties – and still "slaying" every day.

"Your granny's a baddy!" one thrilled viewer said.

Another wrote, "Grandma was serving."

Some compared the clothes to their own elders' style, and it was clear that Milleza's gran had superior taste.

"My grandma could never," one said, wistful. "I have to say the truth, she has bad taste."

Another admitted her grandmother was the same. "My grandma only has grandma clothes," she wrote.

"I feel very lucky to have such a stylish grandma," Milleza responded.

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"I hope you kept everything," said a commenter who was inspired by Milleza's treasure trove.

Milleza reassured the viewer that her grandmother's clothes had been safely – and permanently – rehomed in her own closet.

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