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A TIKTOKER tried on her old school uniform after she lost 80 pounds and she says she didn’t have to unbutton a thing.

Alyssa has more than 3,000 followers on TikTok where she creates content about her daily life but most notably her weight loss.

In one of her videos, she tried on one of her old school uniforms to show just how much weight she’s lost.

Alyssa is seen wearing a white button-down shirt that now almost fits her as a dress, going past her thighs.

She then puts on a khaki skirt that is too big for her, writing “Didn’t have to unzip or unbutton it,” in the video.

The skirt keeps slipping off as she shows off the different sweaters she had while she was in school.


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“We had sweater options,” Alyssa said.

She throws on one of the jackets, which also fits too big on her smaller frame.

Alyssa tries on an old pair of shoes as well and finishes the look with a scarf.

At the end of the video, Alyssa shows off how big the clothes fit on her before giving a thumbs up to the camera.

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Many of Alyssa’s other videos detail her weight loss, which she attributes to cutting nearly all carbs out of her diet.

She often shows clips before and after losing 80 pounds to show her journey but also the stigma she faced from being overweight.

“When someone points out that you’re getting a second plate of food and suddenly you’re that 200+ pound 15yr old girl who was told to stop eating and now you’re second guessing that second dish cause everyone’s so impressed by your progress,” she wrote in one video.

“I’d rather eat in my room alone than in front of ppl [sic]” she added.

Someone in her comments section wrote: “I love this because I felt less loved when I was bigger.”

Another person wrote: “You’re gorgeous either way.”

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