I want to change my one-and-a-half year old daughter's name… I’m worried she'll be bullied as it's got another meaning

A WORRIED mother has revealed she's having doubts about her toddler's name after realising it has another meaning.

The anonymous woman, who lives in a Spanish speaking country, explained how she named her 18-month-old daughter after her husband's mother, whose family are from West Africa.

Taking to Reddit, she continued: "I love the sound and meaning of the name, and I find it beautiful that she shares the name with her grandma, who I admire greatly."

Since her birth, I am facing two problems: first, 90% of the people mispronounce her name and say the equivalent to 'water' in Spanish."

"Second, I fear that her being de facto called 'water' will be the subject of years of bullying. So many jokes at hand."

The woman went onto explain that the family are moving to a small town and says she's seriously considering the possibility of changing her name and giving the issue a "fresh start."


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She continued: "I haven't talked to my husband about this so it's not yet a real possibility, but my fear grows as she starts to actually interact with other kids who are rather confused/amused that she is called 'water."

"I certainly don't want to cause her any trauma, or even give the example that you should bend over backwards to try to fit in."

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The concerned mum, who admitted she's "lost," went on to ask social media users what they'd do.

And the comments section was flooded with very mixed responses.

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"I think past a year old is very late in the game to change a child's name and might inadvertently be traumatic in its own right," warned one.

She's old enough to recognise when she is being called by name."

A second agreed: "My mum's name was charged at 2.5 years and it hasn't caused her trauma."

I think honestly that's a little dramatic. There'll be a learning curve but it's possible, especially if the name is close."

A third suggested: "I think if you love the name you don't need to change it."

"You could maybe alter the spelling to help people pronounce it or give pronunciation guides to people who would see her often (like daycares)."

Elsewhere, another penned: "My 9 month old responds to like four different names. If you feel strongly about it, give her an alternative moniker to go by. It's fine."

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"If my kids can answer to Booger Butt, I guarantee your daughter can adjust."

A further advised: "How about a great nickname? Lots of people go by nicknames which have nothing to do with their given names."

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