I wanted a cute heart tattoo but it went terribly wrong – it's so bad people say it's put them off tattoos for life | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo is something very special for many.

It’s something that is going to be on your body forever, so you want it to be perfect, right?

Recently we’re seeing more and more people share their awkward tattoo experiences online and here is another one that has got us all open-mouthed. 

One woman revealed that she wanted a dainty heart tattoo on her wrist, but it went terribly wrong.

Ella, known as @ellarivera__ on TikTok posted her clip with the caption ‘I wish this was a joke’.

In the clip, Ella initially shows off the tattoo that she wanted – a small, cute, dainty heart tattoo on her wrist.

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But then, moments later, Ella revealed the tattoo that she actually got – which is very different from what she had in mind.

Not only is Ella’s tattoo much larger than what she intended, but it is much thicker too. 

TikTok users were left open-mouthed at Ella’s tattoo fail and her clip has clearly shocked many, as it quickly went viral and has now racked up a whopping 4.8million views.

It has 776k likes, 7,765 comments and 10.2k shares.

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One person said: “I feel like me, a person with zero tattoo experience, could have done better”. 

Another added: “I'd sue so fast 😭 girl I’m so sorry”.

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A third commented: “I would NOT have been able to walk out the shop”.

Whilst someone else asked: “how does one mess up a heart that bad????” 

Meanwhile, many other TikTok users were left so shocked at Ella’s tattoo, that they revealed they were put off from getting a tattoo themselves.

One woman revealed: “I’m not getting a tattoo”.

A second chimed in: “I really wanted a tattoo. well not anymore!” 

Ella then created a follow-up video, to share what actually happened.

She revealed: “Everyone is asking for a story time on my terrible tattoo.

“I went to the tattoo parlour with my three friends, she put the stencil on, everything was fine, I liked how it looked.

“But I’m deathly afraid of needles, so I put my arm on the table and turned my head.

“It was probably the worst pain of my whole life, she was going over and over again on top of the same thing.

“She finished and said ‘I don’t think this is what you asked for’, I looked at it and had a freak out.

“I walked out, hysterically crying.

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“The head guy called me and told me to come back and said he’d fix it.

“I DM’d a new tattoo artist and he said in a month, after it heals, he will fix it for me”.

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