I wanted a cute, short haircut but it’s so bad, people say I look like a ‘little lad’

A YOUNG woman's mortified after a haircut leaves her looking like a ''little lad''.

In a viral clip on TikTok, Arora Arnadottir, showed people what she had imagined she'd end up with – but the horrific results left viewers in stitches, with some saying it made her look like a young boy.

Desperate for a change, Arora began scrolling online to find some inspiration, where she, some time later, came across a haircut she thought would look great on her – a short bob with a lot of volume and layers.

However, unfortunately to Arora, the end result – the young woman never specified if she had gone to a salon or had attempted a DIY – didn't quite resemble the photo she had hoped for.

Unlike the model in the photo, Arora now had something more akin to a helmet with bangs, which some said made her look similar to Will Byers from the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things.


''Rest in pieces hair,'' she captioned the viral clip, which saw many viewers take it to comments to share their thoughts and tag fellow TikTok users.

Whilst some were laughing, others tried to insist the haircut wasn't that bad, with a few believing the two were the same.

''That’s exacly the cut. U just need volume,'' thought someone.

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Another person tried to defend Arora and wrote: ''they should’ve warned her that with her volume it’s gonna look bad.''

''let's hope it grows back fast,'' a third prayed for a speedy recovery, whilst a user said: ''You look cute tho.''

After watching the viral video, a person demanded: ''We need a hair 360.''

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