I wanted a lip tattoo but the artist warned me against it – I got it anyway but I should have listened to the expert | The Sun

IF you are getting a tattoo, not only do you want it to look perfect, but you want it to last forever, right?

One woman has taken to social media to reveal what happened when she got a lip tattoo and it certainly wasn't what she expected.

Eleanor, who posts on TikTok under the username @eloutandabout revealed that she wanted to get a tattoo on her lip, but the artist warned her against it.

However, Eleanor was extremely eager to get her joke tattoo so went ahead with it anyway.

But now, Eleanor has realised that she probably should have listened to the expert.

She posted a clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘This is either a sign to not bother or a comfort video that your bad choice will fade’.

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Eleanor revealed that she had said to the tattoo artist “I want this lip tattoo please” to which the tattoo artist responded “I wouldn’t advise it, it’ll fade”.

However, Eleanor persisted and asked “Can you do it anyway?”, to which the expert did as instructed. 

We then see Eleanor show off her lip inking fresh after having it done – she has the word ‘Tequila?’ marked onto her inner lip.

But moments later, Eleanor shows off her inner lip now, and her tattoo is barely visible.

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While Eleanor didn’t confirm how long it took for her tattoo to fade, we can see that it has massively faded and she has been left with some slight, unrecognisable markings on her lip.

Eleanor’s video has clearly made many people laugh, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 835.4k views.

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It has 72.9k likes, 450 comments and 717 shares.

Many other people who also had their lip tattooed took to the comments to open up about their inkings. 

One person said: “Mine faded in one week and left one letter that’s now been there for like 8 years”. 

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Another added: “I got mine as a joke 2 years ago and only the last two letters faded”. 

A third commented: “I looove mine! I got it touched up after like a month and now it‘s still really really nice 2 years later”. 

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