I wanted a non traditional way to display my TV at home – people hardly ever realise where it is when they see the room

AN INTERIOR design fan has unveiled her incredible new TV – and people can't even spot it in her living room.

Hattie Kolp took to TikTok to show off the television, which she was inspired to buy because she wanted a "non traditional way to display" the device.

Taking the camera through her New York apartment, she showed what appeared to be a painting on an easel in her living room.

However, upon closer inspection, the painting was revealed to be the television, with Hattie displaying its use as she aimed the remote control at it.

"I'm obsessed," she captioned the video.

Some people praised Hattie's set up, with one writing: "I was wondering what you picked when you said it was modern.

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"Love this choice. Perfect for the size of the tv."

"I genuinely thought you were just showing us a painting and I was so confused," another person wrote, with another agreeing: "I didn’t even realise that was a tv at first ngl."

"Honestly no better feeling when people say 'wait you don’t have a tv?'" Hattie replied.

And a third commented: "I loooovvveee this set up so much more than the framed walled tvs.

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"Those are pretty too but this feels way less intense."

But others were less complimentary, with one person explaining that they couldn't cope with the angle of the TV.

"I would lose my mind because it’s leaning upwards omfg," one person wrote.

Responding on her Instagram page, Hattie wrote: "People are VERY upset about the 'angle' of the tv and can’t understand how it’s 'comfortable' to watch.

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"Leave it to tiktok to find the negatives in life- I hadn’t even noticed and it’s absolutely perfect to me."

The televisions don't come cheap though, at a cost of around £900 for a 50 inch one, and an extra £200 approximately for the stand.

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