I wanted a tattoo of legendary artist – what I got looks more like an ALIEN

A WOMAN who asked for a tattoo of legendary artist Freida Kahlo was left shocked when it appeared to look more like an alien.

Gabby Lamb took to TikTok to reveal her inking that she received eight years ago.

The design was meant to resemble the Mexican painter who was famous for her self portraits and portraits.

She had shown the image to her tattoo artist in the hope that they could recreate her iconic look, which the Gabby described “dark and tortured.”

However, what she ended up getting was anything but a work of art – with Freida’s facial features disfigured and wonky.  

The TikToker captioned the final inking, alongside a strong of crying emojis, exclaiming “what I got” as users reacted in the comments.


I’m a tattoo artist and I hid a d*** in client’s inking after his sexist comment

I got cute paw print tattoo but everyone says it looks like something VERY rude

One wrote: “This was a hate crime” as a second added: “if Frieda was goth, this a look.”

Meanwhile a third penned: “I am so sorry, and the flower petals with 0% detail omg.”

Another user questioned Gabby on whether the odd portrait design was ratified with her before it was inked into her skin.  

She replied: Yeah, and honestly it looked really good and then he says “I’m gonna add some shading….” And I was like ok… and then…”

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But, despite realising the state of the bad tattoo as soon as it was done, she admitted that she has now “grown to love it.”

The Sun has previously shared a collection of terrible superfan tattoos that would put any put anyone off meeting their heroes.

It came after one Miley Cyrus fanatic was forced to stump up £6,000 to remove 29 of his singer inspired inkings after admitting that it had stopped him in his quest for love.

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