I wanted some cute eyelash tattoos but what I got was terrible – they look like cow udders | The Sun

GETTING tattoos can be something of a risky business, and those who are left disappointed with their body art can end up having to fork out a fortune to fix it.

TikToker Morgan Knight is one those who were, unfortunately, left rather unhappy with their tattoo and having to spend extra money to get it covered up.

Morgan wanted to get a tattoo of some mini eyelashes on her hand, showing some reference pictures in her video.

However this is not quite what she ended up with. 

Her tattoo actually turned out a lot bigger than her examples, and doesn’t quite have the look of eye lashes.

One commenter, however, did think they looked like eyelashes – just not human ones:

“I'm so sorry but it looks like the eyelashes that mii's have” they wrote.

To this Morgan responded, “at least you see the resemblance of eyelashes. my friend told me they looked like cow udders.”

Another Tiktoker also saw inhuman eyelashes, writing: “SpongeBob wants his eyelashes back.”

When asked why she even went to this artist, Morgan responded: “They had done work on my mum before and it was good so I trusted them! they don’t have social media either so no portfolios.”

Morgan has since posted an upstate showing off her coverup tattoo, a flower, which looks a lot better.

“Omg it looks so good!!! You can’t see the original at all” reads one comment.

Another added: “Oh that's so nice !! I can't even tell it's a cover up, but girl I'm glad you were able to laugh it off… I would've cried in the chair.”

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