I was catfished by a DRESS – I ordered a Boohoo number, what turned up barely covered my boobs, it was so mortifying | The Sun

A SHOPPING fan was mortified when she finally got her hands on the dress she ordered online.

Abbie Ross, from Leeds, ordered a £20 green blazer dress from Boohoo for her birthday on her partner'saccount and thought nothing more of it.

The 24-year-old tried to track the parcel's delivery four days later and was sent into a panic after realising she'd sent the dress to her partner's ex-girlfriend's home, whose address was still listed on the account.

And to make things worse all that effort turned out to be for nothing, since the glam dress turned out to be a total catfish.

Fraudulent operations investigator Abbie claims she received an email saying the dress had been left in a greenhouse in the ex's back garden so the pair went to check.

Nobody was home but they could see the parcel inside a greenhouse so James plucked up the courage to text his former flame and she gave them permission to go inside and fetch it.


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Abbie says she was left 'humbled' after going to extreme lengths to get the size 18 outfit only for it to leave most of her 4ft 11in frame exposed.

A hilarious photo shows Abbie modelling the dress with just one button fastened and her bra, stomach and thighs on show while sticking her thumb up.

Abbie said: "I asked my boyfriend if I could use his account to order a dress.

"He said he'd only used it once in about 2015 when he went out with his first ever girlfriend.

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"I put our address in and for some reason it defaulted to her address. I didn't realise until delivery day.

"I went to track it but when I put in my postcode it didn't recognise it. I signed in and noticed it was going to his ex's address.

"I panicked. I didn't know if they'd had a good break up or if she'd let him collect it.

"James started laughing and said he didn't know if he could message her. He'd bumped into her recently and she avoided him.

"It wasn't a great break up so I said you can't message her saying 'can I come and collect my new girlfriend's dress?'.

"He offered to buy me a new one but I'd paid for it so I wanted it. I wish I'd just left it now.

"He text her saying we'd accidentally sent a parcel to his house and she said we could pop by. I drove around but nobody was in.

"We went back to hers and there was no one in but we could see the parcel in the greenhouse so he messaged her.

"He couldn't just grab it in case there were cameras. She said he could let himself in.

"I tried to lift the dress over my head but the buttons weren't going to go over my boobs so I undid the top two buttons.

"The bottom button was meant to be around my belly button but it was on my [privates] area.

"I'm only short so I should have thought about that. The other buttons were nowhere near meeting. All that stress and chaos and it fit like that."

Abbie posted the hilarious incident on social media where she described 'shamelessly' going to collect the dress and commentors said they were left 'crying' with laughter.

Abbie said: "I said to James imagine if I left it and he saw her in the club in a free dress.

"People said it wasn't worth collecting. Someone said that we've all been there with the dress but not ordering it to an ex's house.

"Someone said I had a lot of audacity going to get it. Someone humbled me even more by asking if I was the same person in my profile photo."

After sharing her ordeal online, Abbie was inundated with hundreds of comments from social media users who thought it was hilarious.

One commentor wrote: "Crying. You had the audacity to go and collect it. I bet she was savage."

Another said: "Girl, it wasn't worth collecting."

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A third added: "Hasn't deleted his ex-girlfriend's address from his Boohoo. Run fast, run far, you deserve better chick."

Another wrote: "We've all been their love. Maybe not our boyfriend's ex's house but the dress bit."

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