I was divorced twice by the time I was 30…trolls mock me for being a life coach but my mistakes don't disqualify me

A WOMAN who was divorced twice by the time she hit 30 has slammed trolls for judging her decision to be a life coach.

Marissa Ann, who is from the US, took to TikTok and explained how she has been married and divorced twice by the time she reached the age of 30.

However, in a second video, she responded to a comment which asked: “Did being a life coach begin before or after the two failed marriages.”

Marissa explained: ‘“Welcome to a lesson on your mistakes don’t disqualify you.  

“I’ve gotten quite a number of comments like this.

"No hate to this person – I don’t even know if they were trying to be rude or what the intention was, but I’ve got a lot of comments to the effect of 'you’ve been two divorces and you’re going to be a life coach?' Or 'taking life advice from you?'"


And I just want to offer a reframe to all of the people who are judging, or to all of the people who are watching and wondering, do my mistakes disqualify me? Obviously the answer is no."

She went on to explain how any person who is becoming an expert of something is, a lot of the time, coaching on something they've overcome.

Marissa continued: "So, what if your mistakes not only do they not disqualify…but they uniquely qualify you for what it is you’re supposed to be doing and through your purpose in this world.”

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And the comments section was soon flooded with messages of support for Marissa.

“Failure is just success in progress. People who criticise failure, have no motivation to progress,” wrote one.

Marissa responded: “I love that – say it louder for the mean people in the back.”

A second commented: "Experience > a degree," while a third added: "Failure provides perspective… wisdom comes from pain not pleasure."

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