I was looking back at photos of when my son was born & spotted the creepiest coincidence in a snap of him being weighed | The Sun

A MUM has shared the creepy detail she found in a snap of her baby boy being weighed in a hospital.

Like most parents, mum Olivia likes taking a trip down the memory lane, and one day she decided to go back to the moment she gave birth to her son, Ollie.

But whilst browsing through all the photos, she found one with an eerie detail – one that hasn't stopped bothering her since.

The mum, believed to be from the UK, took to TikTok to share it with her followers – so can you see what freaked her out?

The first photo, she revealed in the video, showed Ollie peacefully sleeping in the sun.

And whilst that in itself might not be alarming, it's the following snap that left fellow social media users scared.

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There, you could see the tiny baby boy being weighed in the hospital – and on the digital screen were digits that read 'OLLE'.

''Looking back at the picture the midwife took for me and his weight basically says 'OlLLIE','' the mum exclaimed.

''Still freaks me out,'' Olivia added in the caption.

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has racked up over a whopping 53k views.

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Some of the viewers flocked to comments, with one saying she'd dream to have that happen to her children.

''Haha I’m having a Ollie too that would be so cool.''

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A second mum wrote: ''That’s really cool !! I have a Ollie too.''

''No. I would be so scared,'' someone else was petrified.

Speaking of all this parenting, one mum was recently branded a genius after sharing a hack that keeps her kid occupied for a while.

There's no denying that parenting is hard work – and mum Abby Franco certainly knows a thing or two about it.

But to make her life a little easier for when she wants to tidy up the family home, Abby has come up with an idea, which others have branded the smartest hack ever.

Abby, who posts under @abbyfranco6 on social media, took to TiKTok to reveal it – and we're obsessed.

According to the mum, believed to be from the US, the answer to some peace is quite simple and all you need is a cardboard box and some pencils.

To give her some time to sort out the mess, Abby simply put her toddler in the box with heaps of felt tip pens and watched the kid scribble all over.

Sharing the hack, Abby claimed: ''This buys me 30min of unbothered cleaning.

''Work smart not hard,'' she chuckled in the caption.

And it appears that the trick has gone down a treat on social media, with 3.2million views and thousands of likes.

Fellow parents flocked to comments to thank Abby for uploading the clip, with one writing: ''That’s the smartest thing ever.''

Another added: ''Sometimes you have to think inside the box!!

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