I was obsessed with lip filler but it made my pout look rubbery – I got it dissolved and things went from bad to worse | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she was obsessed with lip filler, but after a while the filler had migrated and it made her lips look rubbery. 

Taylor Bourke, from Newcastle, explained that she then decided to get the lip filler dissolved, but things quickly went from bad to worse. 

Posting on TikTok under the username @taylorlbourke, the young beauty fan opened up about her lip filler journey.

She said: “For years I was obsessed with getting lip filler.

“I stopped getting it but the filler had migrated bad and looked rubbery.”

She then shared a picture, with her lips visibly swollen, as she posted: “So I got it dissolved and at first it went like this!”

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She then shared an image of her smiling, after the swelling had gone down, as she noted: “And then for two weeks it looked like this.”

However, the social media user wasn’t happy with her now smaller lips, so decided to get them filled again.

But much to her surprise, the small amount of filler she got into her pout, made her lips swell massively again.

She continued: “Then I got 1ml back in and freaked out at first because they looked like this [swollen]!”

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Thankfully, Taylor then shared a picture once the swelling had reduced, as she explained: “But now they’ve settled, I’m super happy.”

Taylor later added: “Wish I did it sooner.”

Taylor’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 170,600 views.

It has 3,148 likes, 30 comments, 165 saves and 16 shares.

Social media users were quick to point out that her lips look much better since getting them dissolved. 

One person said: “Better natural.”

Another added: “Wow final lips look so good, never get those big lips ever again! You look great!” 

A third commented: “Sooo much better and you also look a million times better without make up by the way. Glowingggg girl.”

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Meanwhile, one user asked: “Did you learn your lesson?” to which Taylor confirmed “Definitely!” 

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