I was sick of wasting money on air fresheners so found a cheaper idea for my car – but trolls say I’ve messed up | The Sun

EVERYONE knows no car is complete without a good freshener to get it smelling amazing on every single trip. 

But when one woman swapped her tree-themed one for a proper room freshener, people warned her she’d made a mistake. 

Taking to her social media account, one woman proudly showed off a photo of her new Febreze Bathroom Freshener, which can be bought for as little as £2.50. 

The freshener was placed into the small window space on the side of her car, making it both discrete and ideal to make the vehicle smell amazing all day long. 

Meanwhile the Little Trees Air Fresheners cost about £5 from Amazon, making it a more expensive alternative. 

“Sick of buying little trees that last 5 mins.. I got one of these for my little window.. Sits perfectly,” she wrote in the Facebook caption of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

She added: “And the smell last so long xx”. 

But it wasn’t long before people rushed to the comments to say she probably messed up getting the trees prepared correctly. 

One person wrote: “The trees are supposed to last 6 months but often don’t as people take the whole thing out the packet and it dries out. 

“You’re supposed to cut a lit in the top to just let the string out. If you Google how to use a tree car scent properly it should come up with a video showing you x”. 

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The woman replied: “Yeah the packet does my nut in flapping about.” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

Another said: “The trees don’t last because people take them out the plastic bags, they’re supposed to stay in them”. 

Others warned her that if her new Febreze version leaks, it could ruin her car as one person said: “Watch it doesn’t leak. It melted my windowsill x”. 

And a second chimed: “Mind it don’t leak… it will damage the interior”. 

While a third shared: “If any of the contents of that leak, it will melt/burn the interior of your car. They aren’t made for the interior of cars, I used to work at car manufacturer and the amount of money it costs to rectify is horrific.” 

And another person said they might as well get the Febreze air freshener that is actually meant for cars.

“Febreze make one exactly the same meant for your car probably a little safer they just slot onto the air vent and smell lovely. Last for ages too.” 

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