I went to Mexico with a stranger I had never met – it was the most romantic week of my life, but it didn’t end well

ROMANCE ain't dead yet, but sometimes it can take you for quite the ride.

For one woman, that ride was all the way to Mexico, for what she thought would be the most romantic trip of her life.

Taking to Tiktok, Abby Gagnepain shared how she met a man on Tinder and within a week he asked if she wanted to go to Mexico with him.

Abby is a student at Michigan State University and has a female dog called Frankie.

Her video has over 13.6 million views and details what went down in her short but intense holiday romance.


To explain the story, Abby wrote: "me: Swipes right on a guy I found on tinder" over a video of herself in a hoodie in her bedroom.

"Him: Wanna go to Mexico??"

"me: are you sure? we just met.."

"him: (the Bo Burnham song in the background said 'like I give a s***'")

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She then posted a picture of the pair on the plane with 'Two days later' written over it as she shared a cute photo montage of the couple enjoying their holiday in Mexico together.

They were pictured together in the pool, on a boat, at a beach bar, at a sandy white beach, kissing and holding eachother; their time together looked truly idyllic.

Then Abby wrote: "After we get back."

"him: Thanks for coming…this isn't gonna work," as the song continued and she made a sad face with her hood up.

Commenters tried to comfort her over her heartbreak as well as remind her how risky what she did was.

One joked that: "At the end of the day at least you still have all your organs."

Another was in awe of Abby's guts, saying: "You guys are so brave , I am so scared that if i go on vacation like this they will kidnap me."

"Baby I’m a part of #crimetok and I’m just glad you made it back safe." An expert tiktoker chimed in to the conversation.

Many agreed that: "This feels very trafficking-ish but like glad it worked out for ya."

Abby commented to tell viewers: "i just wanted to come in and make it clear that we are still friends and there’s no hatred between us. please be nice."

Most were still amazed that she made it back safely and some even told her that: "He didn’t want to go on vacation alone."

"At least it wasn’t straight up ghosting and he was honest," said another.

One scarily similar but successful love story, said: "My tinder date and I went to Mexico!! Ten months dating," to which Abby replied: "goals."

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