I work at Hooters – all the tops are nice but a certain style is superior | The Sun

YOUR work getup could completely elevate or break your experience.

One Hooters employee revealed that, while she likes all the uniforms, a certain top style is superior in her opinion.

In a TikTok video, Hooters worker Kayla (@kaylaaabercrombie) showed what she looks like in a regular Hooters uniform top.

In the next clip, she revealed herself sporting a more revealing version of the top – a crop top specific to the brand.

Kayla appeared to exude much more energy in the garment, dancing about in the recording.

"There's just something about these uniform tops," she wrote in her video's caption.

People in the comments section of Kayla's video were mesmerized by her looks.

"Gorgeous," one person wrote. "Absolutely beautiful," added a second.

"Absolutely stunning," said other fans, and: "Looking good Kayla."

"Wow, you look absolutely incredibly beautiful," a final person commented.

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