I work in a sunbed shop and we’ve got nicknames for all the customers, there’s the Kebab and Waiter just for starters

A WOMAN who works in a sunbed shop explained the different types of people who visit the store, and the nicknames that the staff give them.

The member of staff at Aberdeen's Tan Allure gave TikTok followers a run down of the client styles from the kebab to the waiter.

The salon started with the waiter; the person who stands around looking very bored in the tanning bed and constantly checks the time.

Then there was the kebab; the person who stands with their hands in the air turning round to ensure even coverage.

Next up was the starfish; the person who stands with their legs spread and their arms spread wide in the air to allow access to all angles.

They then flagged up the Snapchatter, who posts on social media from inside the bed.

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Next was the leaner, who stands inside the tanning bed looking bored and leaning on the side.

Then there was the dancing queen; who struck fabulous poses while getting their tanning bed glow.

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The the "CBA" who just sits on the floor rather than standing at all.

And finally the performer; who pretends to have a microphone in their hand singing for their tanning session.

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She asked viewers which of the styles they most related to.

The short clip was uploaded with the caption: "Comment below what kind you are??"

Plenty of people were quick to share their thoughts on the sassy video.

One person said: "I’m the dancing queen," and another agreed: "I’m a guilty performer."

Another said: "Honestly which is the best position to stand in cos I do be star fishing?"

While a third said: "I’m a ‘wait for the lie downs because I’m lazy and can’t stand straight for 12 minutes’!"

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