I work in TK Maxx & it has the most wild customers – loads of them were really entitled & returned the weirdest things | The Sun

A TK MAXX employee has recalled some of the most "wild" customers she's had to serve in store.

Lou May, who posts under the acronym @loumayyy, and has worked at the store for the last five years, took to TikTok and posted a video claiming TK Maxx customers are "wild."

In the clip, she begins: "Nothing teaches you more about people than working in retail or hospitality.

"Customers become so entitled!"

She continues: "I once returned an open packet of crisps…not because there was anything wrong with the crisps but because we had a massive queue and the lady was adamant they were disgusting and not edible so she was returning them because she didn't like them.

Lou May recalls how the customer insisted she try one, to which she quips: "I was like, 'no thank you Susan! I don't want one.'


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She continues: "She was like 'they're £3.99 – do you know how ridiculous that price is?

"I was like 'you bought them, Susan – not me! You didn't have to buy them.

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"I'm so sorry you don't like them but let me return them because I can't be bothered."

Lou May adds: "I guess that's a little secret hack – if you want to return something to TK Maxx just go when there's a massive queue.

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"Go at peak time and then they'll return it because they can't be bothered to deal with you."

Lou May goes on to discuss another time when there was a massive queue and her button wasn't working.

"Instead of the machine saying cashier number 7 I had to scream 'can I help?'

"Anyway, so she gets to my till and I'm like 'hi love, thanks for waiting! Do you need a bag?'

"I look at her and she goes 'love, love – really?'"

Lou May continues: "Some people forget we're not all from the same place – I'm from Cornwall where everyone's like 'alright love!' and it's actually quite a nice thing to say.

"For her to treat me like I've spoken to her really inappropriately, I was like 'nuh-uh,' I don't get paid enough to serve you."

Lou May concludes by saying the best was when she was put on the makeup table.

"I used to stand there and hover next to people as they used and abused all the products and put them all over their face and then I'd fill a basket with everything they'd used," she says.

"…TK Maxx doesn't have samples of things – that's why it's off-price!

"If you don't want to take the risk because you're worried you won't like it, don't smother your fingers all over it so no one else can buy it – it's contamination."

The post has since gone viral and racked up a whopping 65,000 views and been flooded with comments.

"Ya know what serve yourself“ FELT IN MY SOULLL," joked one.

A second penned: "Had a customer complaint because I accidentally said thanks bestie as I handed her the drink."

A third enthused: "No, please keep telling them I’m invested now!"

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Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "I used to work in a call centre and when I tell you people ALWAYS have the entitlement AND audacity."

Another noted: "Retail anger is a flame that NEVER dies!"

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