I worked in Primark – here's a huge secret shoppers need to know about the clothes, I always try to warn them | The Sun

A FORMER Primark employee has revealed some store secrets, including one that might change how you handle the clothes.

The ex-worker, who was part of the Braehead, Renfrewshire branch, witnessed a lot of strange goings-on during her time with the retail giant.

But the biggest piece of advice she has for shoppers is that they should wash any clothes they buy immediately when they get home.

She says: “Not a lot got binned believe it or not.

“Unless it's severely damaged or soiled then they just put it back on the rack.

“All the makeup covered clothes would be on the rail.

“Most of the stuff on the rails is absolutely gross and could be worn by the most sweaty, disgusting people.

“The clothes are definitely more disgusting than average and the fitting rooms are even hotter.

“Most of the time way more than five people have tried on an item.

“So always wash stuff when you get it home before wearing.”

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It comes after another Primark worker revealed you CAN order items in store if they're out of stock.

As purchase can't be made on the website, it could save shoppers repeated trips in store to check if a specific item or their size is back on the racks.

Caitlin Sinnett explained: “We can order things in but we probably won't tell you that because we can't be a***d doing so.

“The same goes for calling other shops for stocks or sizes, we can but probably won't offer it.

“Don’t ask where something is because we probably won't know because the stock gets moved around every day to two days so we know as much as you.”

Caitlin previously revealed the lengths shoppers will go to for a bargain.

She said: "If you want to buy an item but find that it's damaged, then you can take it to the till and say it to the person that's serving you.

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"And they will get their supervisor or manager over who will take money off it.

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