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A WOMAN has shared her top five secrets for achieving a youthful complexion at 37 – and the main area that you might not pay as much attention to.

Botox and pricey filler injections – the two key phrases to sprint to mind when it comes to keeping wrinkles at bay. But according to one woman, Gin Amber, there are other nifty tricks that work the same.

Although Gin, now 37, used to fork out for Botox in her 20s, she said there were five tricks she wished she had known back then.

Not one to gatekeep, the holistic esthetician took to TikTok to reveal how you can shave years off your face – and one of them is using face tapes.

According to the stunner, these facial patches by the brand Frownies will smooth your skin and she's found it very ''helpful''.

During her journey to look younger, Gin also invested in a derma roller with teeny individual needles.

This, she said in her video, can also be used on lips – as your pout is one of the main areas people tend to forget about.

''You want to take care of your lips, which is very important when you're ageing.

''They kind of lose volume and they don't look as plump as they used to be.''

Sharing her top tricks and tricks, the 37-year-old, believed to be from the US, also advised to not forget about SPF protection.

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Recently, experts also revealed the key mistake that people make with their sunscreens – and it could be fatal.

"SPF becomes less effective over time meaning that it won’t be able to provide your skin with the same level of protection – resulting in a significantly increased risk of sun damage,'' explained Kimberley Hulme, head of clinic at Face the Future.


“While it might seem like a good idea to keep a bottle of sunscreen in the cupboard for a rare sunny day in the UK, you really do need to be aware of how long the product has been open and when it is set to expire.

"As a general rule, once opened you should only be using your SPF for a maximum of three months before replacing it."

Just as important, Gin went on, is taking care of your lashes – similarly to lips, lashes, too, lose their volume over time.

If you've noticed them thinning, Gin chatted about an eyelash growth serum by Grande Lashes.

Last but certainly not least, the whizz urged to invest in your education about health and your body.

She explained that whilst you may be a bit more careless about your habits when you're young, your body changes as you grow – and it needs more care than before.

For instance, Gin noted, humans lose one per cent of their collage n every year – but luckily, there are multiple resources available to educate yourself on this and other issues.

Fellow beauty fans raced to comments, where many thanked Gin for sharing the tips.

One chuckled: ''I have never been so quickly influenced.''

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Another chimed in: ''your video's are really helpful, thank you [sic].''

Someone else, meanwhile, suggested: ''you could try castor oil for lashes and eyebrows! It worked wonders on my eyebrows.''

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