I'm 40 but thanks to my winkle-free skin people think I'm a decade younger – it’s all thanks to a vegetable | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the juicing recipe she uses to stay youthful looking at 40 years old. 

The beauty fan said she has been using natural fruits and vegetables to boost her skin from the inside out.

Jen Jones said people always believe she has had Botox. 

She said in a TikTok video online: “I don’t, I drink  juice baby! For now I’m gonna show you how to make my wrinkle reducing juice.”

The beauty fan said the main ingredient she uses in her juice is purple cabbage.

She said: “Purple cabbage helps with wrinkles and mature skin , it’s also high in vitamin A which helps with the regrowth of your skin cells.”

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The NHS says that Vitamin A can help improve fine lines by tightening and make your skin look more even.

Many beauty stores sell retinoids which have Vitamin A as a main ingredient. 

Jen’s next magical ingredient is pineapple. 

She said: “Combining pineapple and purple cabbage together is amazing for inflammation, amazing for your heart health and for your digestion.”

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“It helps to keep your skin young and radiant.”

Jen throws the pineapple and cabbage in a juicer.

The beauty fan says she tops her juice with a teaspoon of sprinkled cinnamon.


Jen has also revealed she uses a rare oil to help keep her skin moisturised and youthful looking and since then people have always assumed she is in her 30’s. 

She said: “When everyone thinks you are in your early 30’s but what they don’t know is you ditched the water based moisturisers loaded with preservatives."

“Now [I] use Coffee Oil that helps stimulate blood flow, hydrates skin, promoted anti-aging and also healed my 30+ years of facial eczema.”

Jen said she used to get bullied in school for her facial eczema which pushed her to find a solution. 

The juicing video racked up over 5 million views online people were amazed by Jen's positive energy as well as her simple juice recipe. 

One user claimed: “Purple cabbage is retinol straight into your system.”

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Another said: “I’m going to try this with green apples instead. Allergies. If it works for slaw, it can work for juice. Thanks for the idea.”

“Forget the wrinkles. I want your energy,” claimed a third. 

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