I’m 6' and thick – bikini season is all year round for me, you gotta weigh two-something to do something | The Sun

A GLOBETROTTING woman who towers around the six-foot mark has declared that it is bikini season all year round.

This Amazonian lady has embraced her height and her shape, stating in her post that "you gotta weigh two-something to do something."

She was channeling pure beach vibes in her posts.

Tee (@6footathecrowdmova) loves a beach holiday and the excuse to dress up in swimwear.

On her TikTok, she describes herself as curvy and one of the "stallions of TikTok," and she certainly appeared to live up to it in her videos.

In one, she posed from a beach hut, turquoise seas, and blue skies forming the backdrop.

She wore a black bikini with a laser-cut leopard print skintight dress over the top.

Tee oozed body confidence; there was no hiding away of her body here.

The overlay to her video pretty much summed up her self-belief.

“B***h abort. Abort mission. He is not big enough to ride this ride," it said cheekily.

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In another poolside picture, she wore another fetching two-piece.

The skimpy bikini briefs were matched with a one-shoulder top, and she topped it off with a snazzy belt around her waist.

It was captioned simply: “Bikini season is all year round for me."

Comments to her post were rather breathless.

“Damn," was all one person could splutter, while another wrote: “Well you are a stallion."

One more commenter admitted he was yearning for her attention.

“Hi, beautiful. Trying to figure out why you not following me back yet," they said plaintively.

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