‘I’m 62 but people believe I’m in my 30s thanks to one skincare product’

A fresh-faced grandmother with wrinkle-free skin has confessed she is “feeling amazing” in her 60s after saying she has discovered a way to “drink” her skincare routine.

Lydia Nixon is a 62-year-old health content creator from Texas who has shared that her “secret” to staying young and looking amazing was drinking collagen every day.

On her TikTok account @fitness.health.longevity, Lydia said that one year ago she was at her “worst” as she was “depressed and extremely obese”.

After deciding to “make a change” Lydia confessed that she began to see results after exercising and drinking a spoonful of liquid collagen, and has even said that a “collagen coffee” is now her go-to drink.

Nowadays, Lydia has said she is feeling “strong” and is impressed with the results of drinking collagen. She explained that it boosts a person’s level of hyaluronic acid, making it an effective “wrinkle filler”.

Collagen is a protein that is found in your bones, muscles, tendons as well as skin.

As people grow older, they begin to produce less collagen, which can make both their skin and hair drier.

Boosting collagen and preventing it from declining in your body may help keep your skin strong and elastic, helping to make your face more youthful.

Other ways to prevent collagen loss are by avoiding smoking as well as processed junk food. You will also prevent the loss by protecting your skin from sun exposure, and also eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as they contain lots of antioxidants and vitamins.

Not only has collagen helped Lydia with “fine lines and wrinkles” on her face, and she said she has seen results in her hair and she believes it has also helped her joints.

She added: “My skin is remaining as youthful as it can get as I get older and I am feeling amazing.”

In Lydia’s comment section, people have been amazed to discover she is in her 60s.

One user said “you look amazing mama!” while someone else wrote “you look magnificent!”

A third commented: “Your 60? You look like you could be in your 30s, oh my god!”

Someone else said: “You have aged so well, you don’t look 60, so pretty!”

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